Trillion Trees Initiative

Welcome to the world’s first trillion trees initiative who combines biodiversity loss concerns, climate protection solutions, cleantech, ecological forestry, ecosystem restoration, environmental protection, greening, greentech, reforestation, sustainable farming and species protection.

Trillion Trees Initiative Africa

„Climate protection, nature conservation and environmental protection is also species protection.“

The Trillion Trees Initiative and Greening Camps can reduce negative climate changes, deforestation, droughts, desertification, land degradation, floods and global warming worldwide – especially in human-made deserts, drylands and wastelands.

The initiative was started by Oliver Gediminas Caplikas in 2017 and is connected with Greening Deserts economical, educational, cultural, social, scientific and sustainable projects which really have big potential to reduce desertification and global warming, to improve healthy environments, Cleantech and Greentech developments, sustainable agriculture (EcoFarming) and ecological forestry (EcoForestry). Together with many innovative developments and sustainable projects the initiative want to plant over 100 Billion Trees and support other big tree planting actions to reach the trillion trees goal fast and efficient. Project developments like Agrophotovoltaik, Desert Bamboo Africa, Greening Coasts, Greening Drones, Greenhouse Ship, Green Ring Africa, Great Green Wall North Africa, Seeding Balloon and Transparent Solar Greenhouses can support. The official Trillion Trees Initiative (TTI) is really unique, because the members of the connected projects cultivate, sow and plant many trees directly with the help of greening camps, balloons, greening buses or trucks, drones and planes – if seeds need to be covered by soil we will use seed balls.

This Trillion Trees Initiative do not just support other tree planting organisations. Other trillion trees initiatives write that they planted that trees or want to plant a trillion trees. In fact many of them have not planted any trees themselfs and they wont if you take a closer look. Many of their partners or supporters are big polluters or questionable industries who try to do greenwashing or treewashing. They let others do that work, mostly by cheap workers and volunteers. In general it is ok if others will be supported to plant new trees, but pay them good money if they do important work for biodiversity and environmental protection ! To plant countless monocultures or monotonous tree plantations has nothing to do with ecological forestry, ethical business or fair trade. They do or will do more damages as improvements, especially if to much trees will be planted in ancient grasslands. The main goal should be to stop deforestation, to improve ecosystem restoration and supporting the regeneration of existing natural forests which were affected by fires or pollution. To all that companies and groups out there ! Join our real climate, environmental and species protection initiative if you really want to improve the worldwide climate and environments. Many institutions, organisations and people were informed during the years, especially about the backgrounds and true history of the real Trillion Trees Initiative.

We want to be honest and work transparent. The staff of the initiative will plant a lof of trees and can connect many awesome tree planting projects from around the world. So far as possible only native species will be planted, biodiversity experts and indigenous people will be included. If Greening Deserts projects and the official Trillion Trees Initiative get enough financial support and can generate good income by the greening and research camps, developments and products we can share much better our experiences with learning materials, various media, online or offline courses, workshops, etc. The camps and projects can provide much work, generate a lot of jobs and income for each region. With appropriate funding and constructive support we can accelerate or improve the project developments and team building for each camp, as well as the whole infrastructure. Without money it is not possible to build up any of these camps and with too less support it needs many years more as planned, in this case other tree cultivation and tree planting projects cannot really be supported. We have not that time to wait longer and longer for all that promised support by officials or politicans. The projects need this year finally real active and financial support or it maybe will be too late. If you know the real backgrounds because of the keystone species, accelerating mass extinction and tipping points,.. you understand why we must act now or fast as possible. We must put the species protection on the first place of all green agendas, whether it is the Green Deal, Greening Act or Trillion Trees Act.

Just imagine all that actions, the attention and financial support in the Corona Crisis would be used to reduce the Climate Crisis. We really would change the world into a better one, prevent new crises, disasters and even new pandemics who are caused by environmental pollution, species extinction and weak environments. Climate adaption, global warming mitigration, ecological education, environmental resilience and species protection is now more important as ever before. Climate protection, nature conservation and environmental protection is also species protection – so it is human protection.

“We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic,” said World Health Organization director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Join and support the official Trillion Trees Initiative. Visit the social pages and help us to plant more trees worldwide.

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Thanks to Google and Microsoft for showing some support during the last months, glad that you got inspirated by our projects and the new species protection program CES-RPP. Planetary Computer (PC) and Wildlife Insights (WI) sounds nice. Would be great if we can connect it with our Trillion Trees Initiative (TTI). Let’s make our world green again!


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For aviable partner programs and link exchange contact We will choose new potential investors, partners and sponsors until winter 2020 / 2021.

If you have an interesting project for biodiversity, climate protection, cleantech, ecological forestry, ecosystem restoration, environmental protection, greening, greentech, reforestation, species protection or similar topic feel free to write an email.


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