Application / Project Development / Promotion / Marketing / Research

  • Consulting in matters of data protection and data security
  • Communication media creation, production and distribution, so like city tours
  • Conception, assistance and implementation of social media appearances onsocial networks
  • Development of integrated marketing concepts incl. time-, measure- and financial plans
  • Market-, motive-, attitude- and general research regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Development of far-reaching media campaigns, creative concepts
  • Corporate Design consulting / development
  • Mobile and Online Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing (international Seed Marketing)
  • Social Media Marketing / Social Media Management
  • Fair and Event Marketing B2B communication
  • Promotion through diverse distribution channels
  • Film and photo work, compilation animations
  • Referral business and application B2B but also in the scene and politics
  • Reputation protection and professional (re)searches, also on top levels
  • Consulting and selection of the best agencies, for whatever

Press Services / PR

  • Conception of PR concepts and campaigns
  • Strategic Planning of Public Relations (national and international)
  • PR Development, maintenance and promotion of media representatives / press distribution Organization of press interviews and conferences / interviews
  • Recommend you or your organisation to worldwide contacts made during 20 years
  • Write and send press releases

Quality Assurance in general and specifically

  • Improving efficiency and quality in all possible areas
  • Planning, implementation and optimization of test processes
  • Connecting and building (also own) archives, so like Bugdatabases
  • Recruiting and advising or educating testers in relation with the developers, the product management and release management
  • Improve location quality

Events and Event Management

  • Organization and substantive monitoring of targeted information events (information stands) in the field of politics, business, media, culture – multipliers
  • Organizing public awareness events Integration into own events and workshops
  • Optional services on request
  • Planning, preparation and execution of crowdfunding projects
  • Mediation of investors and sponsors Produce cost schedules

Further Management Types*

  • Change Management +++
  • Greenhouse Management +
  • Information Technology Management ++
  • Innovation Management +++
  • Knowledge Management¬† +++
  • Operations Management ++
  • Performance Management ++
  • Project & Program Management¬† +++
  • Quality Management +++
  • R&D Management ++
  • Risk Management +++
  • Strategic Management +++

+ Good Skills ++ Great Skills +++ Expert

How you can see on Greening Deserts projects pages a lot of services are possible. After many studies, research work and experiences in different branches and fields I really can offer or recommend a lot of services (third party incl.).

Last years I concentrated on sustainable project development and advanced management methods and techniques.


Change Books, Change Games, Greening Deserts, Interplanetary Internet, Transparent Solar and many other awesome projects.

More developments and services you can see on Linkedin and other networks.,,

Another services are different kinds of exchange, cooperative project development, collaborations and join ventures. A lot of services are possible with equivalent transactions, mutual services or through a service contract with appropriate compensation. Conditions will be negotiated in line, depending on the scope and requirements. If the price is right, I’ll give my best possible and work around the clock until the goal is reached, for example to the first goals of a joint project development. What is not possible for me I can connect and forward to partners or third parties (Outsourcing), of course with the best price-performance ratio I know or find. In new fields I can work in very fast and find the right people if needed. After years of experience in the international market I know or have contact to the best service providers around the world. Feel free to contact my anytime by mentioned networks or other official channels like eMail.